Saturday, March 15, 2014

enamel dot organization, follow-up!

A while ago I posted about how I organize my enamel dots and Pr Scrapper on YouTube asked about how I store them once they're all sorted.
I did this quick little video to update how I'm storing my enamel dots, and maybe to show off my super fancy storage box, just a little bit. ;)

Right now, I'm keeping them in a cardboard box in my desk drawer.

Sometimes I keep a few in this lovely little turquoise vintage Pyrex piece my mom gave me for my birthday.

Here are my enamel dots in their usual place, in a desk drawer. And here is Ruby Sky, who generally appears at the sound of any drawer or cupboard opening. 

Right before I took this photo she peered up at me with big eyes and a fake smile and said, "mama, do you need help? can I help you?" and I said Ok, she could help you....
and she said "OK. I'll help you by touching these things a little bit".


Laura said...

I treated myself to my first pack of enamel dots this week :)
I have a way to go to build up a stash like yours!
Bless Ruby, what a sweetheart.

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Why oh why hadn't I thought of separating my enamel dots by color? Great idea, thanks for sharing...off to separate!

Sian said...

Oh, that blue pyrex is pretty special! and your helper is too. Touching can be a whole lot more satisfying than just looking :)