Monday, April 07, 2014

on my desk: Doodlebug Sprinkles vellum
a product review

Hi guys,
Today I thought I'd share some new product on my desk and a little review of the new Sprinkles vellum by Doodlebug.

First up, a review of Sprinkles vellum by Doodlebug. I purchased it in the following colours: bubblegum, cupcake, swimming pool, peacock, lily white, silver and gold. I found the colours online of the sort of CGI image, enlarged to show the texture of the dots, to be pretty accurate. The thing I really wanted to know was, what are the dots on the Doodlebug Sprinkles vellum made of? I couldn't tell from the online image and despite searching for examples, couldn't find any that clearly showed the texture of the dots in the Sprinkles vellum by Doodlebug. The dots are raised and glossy -- and the metallic vellums are more shimmery than reflective or truly metallic. The vellum is nice quality; it is medium weight, not as thin as some vellums you find in the open stock section of big craft stores, but not that crazy thick stuff that I've found  in art supply stores in the past.

Watch the video below for a live review and to get a look at the texture and colour of these new Doodlebug Sprinkles vellum in person. There are also a few macro close-ups below so you can get a good look at the finish on the dots and metallic vellums.

Here's a close up detail of the Doodlebug Sprinkles vellum in Bubblegum. You can see the dots are slightly raised and glossy in texture. Very pretty!

This is Doodlebug Sprinkles vellum in gold. The finish here is shimmery, and the colour is closer to brown than gold.

 This is silver Doodlebug Sprinkles vellum. It is a shimmery gunmetal grey type colour. Not shiny or reflective. 

Here is a sheet of Doodlebug Sprinkles vellum in lily white (on the left) and swimming pool (on the right). I really love lily white! 

I love the way the lily white vellum looks laid under another sheet! Here is lily white under swimming pool. I think I'm going to try overlaying them like this on a layout sometime.

Here's a closer look of Doodlebug Sprinkles vellum swimming pool laid overtop of lily white and slightly off-set... such a cool effect! I love the off-set polka dot pattern this creates. Very fun. If I wasn't sure how to use these vellums on a layout before I bought them, I definitely know what I'm going to do with them now! 


Laura said...

I know I was supposed to be looking at the vellum - and I did - but I have to say I really like your nail varnish! Great colour! :)

Angela said...

Those look really fun!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I just bought some of these too and love them. The dots remind me of enamel dots. The silver was perfect for the lenses when I used a Silhouette cut file for a pair of sunglasses.