Saturday, June 07, 2014

Cocoa Daisy Saturday: kit club storage

Storage and organization are probably my least favourite part of scrapbooking. I never feel like I have it "right" and I never feel like I'm done! Of course, being addicted to piling things up and not putting things away probably adds to my difficulties in keeping things neat and tidy. :)

Keeping my Cocoa Daisy kits organized is not much of a problem! I do try to use each month's kits freely -- no saving things for a project I *might* do someday -- so I don't have a huge pile of stuff to maintain. I also decdided when I first started with Cocoa Daisy that I'd keep all of my kit stuff separate from the rest of my stash, so I can dig into my CD supplies when I'm working on a page.

So, this is what I do.
At the end of the month, a day or two before my new kit arrives, I break my old kit down.
I put the cardstock together, the patterned paper together, and sort all of the embellishments.

I keep flat things (cardstock, paper, sticker sheets, labels, and letter stickers) organized onto two shelves of a white storage cube from Michael's. I use some pieces of corrugated cardboard to sort of separate the different piles! Not pretty, but *very* functional. 
One shelf is all letter stickers!! I love letter stickers and I love this special little hoard of them.
The next shelf down is cardstock and patterned paper... and then separated by a lovely piece of cardboard, are label stickers on top.

I love these DVD storage boxes from IKEA (Kasset series) and I've been using them for years to store scrapbooking stuff in. The largest size fits layouts; the next size down is long enough to fit 12" border stickers and other sticker sheets, and then the third size down (shown here) is a manageable size for photos or embellishments.

Inside my CD box is an assortment of all of the leftover embellishments from past kits. I used foam core to make some dividers for inside and have things separated sort of by type.... journalling cards, then buttons/brads/things on cards.... pockets, envelopes, tags and paper bags.... then enamel dots. The paper bag is full of die cuts. I also tuck all of the glassine bags that our kit pieces come packaged in, because you never know when you might need a nice little bag! I've even dug into that stash to package up little treats for the girls or my parents for holidays or "just because"!

How do you store your kits and bits?

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Unknown said...

I struggled a bit with figuring out what to do with mine too. They're pretty compact, so I've starting keeping all the bits and pieces together in a 6x8 baggie, and putting in a basket. So far it's working pretty well. Love the white labeled boxes for yours!