Friday, June 27, 2014

Easy summer decor

It was time for a change in  here, so I added in some easy summer decor to the top of the Expedit in our living room. This is a 4x2 shelf, placed horizontally, so it's just about table height. Until quite recently it was holding library books, my Easter layouts and mini albums, and someone's sweater. :) 
 I scavenged pieces from around my house... and the whole thing started with some paper straws! I loved the pink, coral, grey, and teal combo, and built everything else from there. 

This was the last peony from my garden! I used an old lab bottle for a vase. The DIY washi tape wooden clothes pin is holding a little watercolour and stamping piece I made last summer for a Jenni Bowlin Studio project (and also on this page, Captured).

Mini albums, I made. Coral, from a garage sale. Floral wooden crate, a DIY project I DIM  (did it myself).
From left to right, the albums are: she turned 11;  eight, a paint party; and the year Summer Lily turned six. 

Two more wooden crates. I posted a tutorial on how I made them, here.

It's funny how all of these mini-albums all happened to be birthday album.. I didn't intentionally choose birthday albums, I picked out the right colours, and I guess the right colours are party colours! Which totally makes sense when I look at my Party board on Pinterest.... those are definitely party colours.

The straws that started it all. :)


Laura said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Looks so lovely, Ashley!