Friday, June 20, 2014

Exciting things at Cocoa Daisy!

Have you heard the awesome news? There are some really exciting things happening at Cocoa Daisy....

First, Cocoa Daisy has launched a FREE Scrapbooking e-zine! The first issue is available here
I love this, because not only is it beautiful to look at, but the content is super inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing where Christine and the other ladies behind the magazine take this! Already can't wait for the new issue. :)

And, on top of busting out an online scrapbooking e-zine, Cocoa Daisy has had a make-over! She's still the beautiful, welcoming flower we all love, but just made over with a new look! Check out the website! (Maybe grab a kit or subscription while you are there!) 

See. Inspiring. Beautiful. SO Cocoa Daisy. :)

By the way.. if you haven't subscribed you might want to, because these wood veneer pieces are killer, and you won't want to miss out: 

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