Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Washi tape Wednesday: easy DIY wooden clothes pins

Hi everyone!
Today I have a super easy DIY idea using washi tape and big wooden clothes pins.
I love this easy way to use washi tape in decorating because it's super fast and inexpensive to swap out the neon pink washi tape for something more suited to a later season, in the fall when it's time for the neon pink and summery accents to go away for another year. (Boo! I'm not ready to think about that yet, so let's get on with this washi tape tutorial!)

First, grab your most favourite washi tape and a big plain wooden clothes pin. It will depend on how long and how wide your clothes pin is, but for this one, I needed about 20" of tape. 

 Start at one edge of the clothes pin and lay down a strip of washi tape. Make sure it's lined  up with the edge of the clothes pin. Then, line up a second strip of tape so it is right up against the first. I stick one end down first, then carefully slide the length into place. The goal here is to not have much (if any) overlap between the two pieces of tape, and no gaps, either!

Once the clothes pin is covered with washi tape, trim the excess off. I chose not to cover the sides or tips, just the front flat surface. I wanted quick and easy, and in the end I actually really liked the contrast of the bare wood on the sides and the bright neon pink tape.

Now, to make it look extra finished and profession, give the edges a little sand. I keep a small rectangle of sandpaper in my tool cup, just for occasions like this one. :)
I also feel like sanding the edges sort of  helps "seal" the tape in place, and will help the washi stay put for longer.
(FTR: I've had these babies made for over a month now and the tape hasn't peeled or pulled up at all).

See? Doesn't that look awesome?

If you want to try this and don't want to buy a whole roll of washi tape, why not grab a couple of feet from my washi store? 2 feet would cover one side of a wooden clothes pin like this one ( 6" tall by 1 3/8" wide). Or get 4 feet and do both sides! 

Here is another set I did... one with gold glitter tape, and one with little black polka dot washi tape (I think both are my faves, what about you?)

And  here they are, in action, holding up one of my Cocoa Daisy Day in the Life cards.

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Jill said...

Great idea! I love the look of the glitter tape.

Unknown said...

Wonderful idea thanks for sharing!