Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Washi Wednesday: Pinterest inspiration

I love washi tape, and I love Pinterest, so it seems like a very good idea to combine the two.

I've started collecting project ideas I just *heart* on my Pinterest washi tape board. Browse through, maybe get inspired, and be sure to Follow!

Follow Ashley Calder's board washi tape on Pinterest.

Do you have any washi tape projects planned? 
Please share a link to your washi tape board on Pinterest if you have one!

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Tanya Ham said...

Ohhh ... off to check out your board! :)

Julie Kirk said...

Ooh ... I've just followed the board, always good to have inspiration for how to use my washi [because that means I can go and buy some more!]

I don't have a dedicated board [although now you've got me thinking I should!] but I have blogged 2 ideas for using washi just this week on my blog:


Julie :-)