Monday, July 21, 2014

On my desk: paper straws in a pitcher

This pretty little pitcher was from my great Aunt Maggie's house. I received it after she died. It has a tiny chip on the spout, but it's value isn't in whether or not it is in perfect form, but because it belonged to her. I don't actually remember her ever using it. I'm not sure if it was ever used as a vessel for liquids, or if she would have used it as a vase. Maybe she even kept her paint brushes or pencils in it at some point. I really don't know. 
It is an Alfred Meakin piece, and I have quite a few. I just really like the way he did flowers. The gold detail on this pitcher is a nice touch, too. 

Right now I have an assortment of lovely paper straws in mine. I gave one to Ruby Sky a while ago with her lunch, because I couldn't find our plastic kitchen drink straws anywhere, and I tell you... paper IS NOT made for drinking from. But as a decor item (a pitcher of straws IS decorative!) or a paper crafting supplies, paper straws rock it like nothing else can. 

Do you have any sentimental storage pieces?
Straws: are the bendy kind the best? (yes!)

If these straws have struck your fancy, I have a few kits on Etsy that include a nice assortment of straws in totally fabulous colours.

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Sasha Farina said...

that's what i thought!! paper will get soggy! lol..