Friday, July 25, 2014

Sunday night

This is Summer Lily... hard at work on a Sunday night, finishing up a poster project for school, almost two years ago now! 

I love this little assortment of embellishments. I used many of my favourite items on this page. :)

I was stuck for the longest time on what to do with the title, and I decided to go with small white letter stickers on white. Everything else I tried was too loud and too busy for the rest of the page. This is what it needed. 

 After I had the main part of the page done, this margin on the right seemed TOO bare. So I grabbed my Glitz Design roller stamp and rolled on a bunch of + signs all up and down the page. And then added some gesso over top. 

 Another look, because I seriously love everything here.

I love the way these + signs turned out! Love the variation in how much ink was on the roller, and the rather random arrangement. I couldn't make this look good, if I tried. I just went for it, and it turned out so well. Funny how that works. #justmakeit

Bows! I'm still not sick of them! One heat embossed, and one cut+watercolour. Also, there are some heat embossed + signs on the background there, too. And heart epoxy stickers. I really went to town with the embellishing on this one. ;)


Anonymous said...

I just love all the different mixed media techniques you used on this layout and I always love how you layer all your bits and pieces! :) Evie

Melissa Vining said...

This is gorgeous! I love all your embellishments, and of course the bows!