Saturday, August 02, 2014

Doctor Who inspired gift wrap for the book-lover

This past week our oldest daughter, Summer Lily, turned 13. She's an all-around great kid... cute, sweet, funny, proudly geeky, and not only a charming daughter but also a very loving and attentive big sister. And she's got three little sisters, so that's a pretty good kind of big sister to be. :)

She's madly in love with Doctor Who -- and all things Sherlock -- so for her gifts this year, I did a quick Doctor Who / Sherlock / book-lover inspired gift wrap choice.

I put her gifts into boxes (scavenged from my pantry, there are some naked bags of food in there right now!). When they were in boxes I thought the stack resembled books, and then I thought I'd take the time while the cheesecake was baking to decorate them as faux books inspired by her two favourite loves.

I tried to decorate the "spines" so they looked like books. I included significant numbers 10, 11, and 13 because 10 and 11 are her favourite Doctors and 13 because she is, now.

These are the covers up close...

Gallefreyan for Beginners. This girl actually DOES write in circular Gallefreyan, so she's no beginner, but I couldn't resist such a typical book title for my lovely book-lover.

101 Fezes. Because the 11th Doctor once wore a fez. And fezes is a funny word. And fezes are cute. And easy to draw.

And, a Study in TARDIS Blue. A nod to Sherlock's A Study In Pink or the book A Study in Scarlet.
So... they aren't super fancy and they are far from perfect, but I loved making something special for her, and they made her smile. And that is really what I wanted. :)

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Anonymous said...

Your love for your daughter shines through from your writing. How beautiful. Love your - so original! - idea! She's a girl who takes after my own heart, loving, as I do, both Matt Smith's Dr Who and Sherlock (or is it Benedict??!!). My 8 year old son watches the Van Gogh episode of Dr Who almost every week and seems to get more and more spellbound by it every time (it is fairly wonderful!). Haven't introduced him to Sherlock as yet (think he's a bit too young) but am certainly looking forward to a time when we can enjoy it together.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea - as with everything you create, its fired a million creative ideas in my brain!!