Friday, August 15, 2014

Fun finds Friday: recent junk!

Last weekend my mom, sister and I went junking. We all scored some great pieces! Here is what I came home with:

The quilt is a bit bumpy, but it is quite pretty... and VERY pink, overall!

I currently have no idea where I will put these trays or what I will put in them, but I could not leave them behind.

Some old books -- I have mini album plans for a few of these.

These two I bought just because the spines (and front covers) are so lovely. Great colours, pretty designs.

I will use this toast rack to store little cards and stuff in.

Kind of like this:

Have you found any great thrifty, junky finds recently? Anything for your scrapbook or crafty purposes?

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Michelle said...

Oh, wow! That pink quilt is amazing!

Danielle said...

So in love with how you have the books displayed on the toast rack!

Kelly Roberts said...

how fun this was and you did find some good things. enjoy!

Jill said...

"Junk" is such a misnomer here! :)

jbonomo said...

Love the Dickens book.....would make a great art journal. I recently picked up a bunch of cigar boxes; have not idea what I will do with them but loved the colors and graphics on them.