Monday, August 04, 2014

Make sure you follow the rules of scrapbooking!

Or NOT! :)
There are way too many "shoulds" and "have tos" and "musts" in life. Let your scrapbook escape from the burden of conformity and expectation.

Starting today, Cara Vincens is running a blog hop series about "there are NO scrapbooking police!". Join us over the next 10 days as some free-thinking, free-flowing scrapbookers break down those scrapbooking rules one by one.

Today's post is by Paige Evans. Because everyone KNOWS your layouts need a story and a photo!

Here's the rest of the blog hop schedule: 
August 4 - Paige Evans
A Scrapbooking page SHOULD always have a story and lots of journaling
August 5 - Ashli Oliver
Scrapbook pages SHOULD be fast and simple to just get them done
August 6 - Jen Gallacher
Scrapbook pages SHOULD look perfect
August 7 - Melissa Shanhun
Digital scrapbook pages should look as much like a paper page as possible 
August 8 - Ashley Calder
Scrapbooking SHOULD be done *this* way  
August 9 - Caroline Davis
A Scrapbooker SHOULD scrapbook FOR her family
August 10 - Lisa Harris
Scrapbooking SHOULD be a legacy for the scrapbooker's family
August 11 - Connie Hanks
A scrapbooker SHOULD follow the trends and be aware of what others think of her pages
A Scrapbooker SHOULD scrapbook chronologically
August 13 - Nancy Gaines
Scrapbooking SHOULD be 12x12 traditional paper pages
August 14 - Cara Vincens
A scrapbooker SHOULD always be caught up

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