Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Scrapbooking SHOULD be...

Our "there are no scrapbooking police" blog hop continues today! Join Ashli Oliver on her blog, the Purple Mailbox, today as she debunks some of the SHOULDS of scrapbooking, and creates an amazing page in the process.

Here's the rest of our blog hop:
August 4 - Paige Evans
A Scrapbooking page SHOULD always have a story and lots of journaling
August 5 - Ashli Oliver
Scrapbook pages SHOULD be fast and simple to just get them done
August 6 - Jen Gallacher
Scrapbook pages SHOULD look perfect
August 7 - Melissa Shanhun
Digital scrapbook pages should look as much like a paper page as possible 
August 8 - Ashley Calder
Scrapbooking SHOULD be done *this* way  
August 9 - Caroline Davis
A Scrapbooker SHOULD scrapbook FOR her family
August 10 - Lisa Harris
Scrapbooking SHOULD be a legacy for the scrapbooker's family
August 11 - Connie Hanks
A scrapbooker SHOULD follow the trends and be aware of what others think of her pages
A Scrapbooker SHOULD scrapbook chronologically
August 13 - Nancy Gaines
Scrapbooking SHOULD be 12x12 traditional paper pages
August 14 - Cara Vincens
A scrapbooker SHOULD always be caught up

1 comment:

Michelle said...

This is a wonderful series. When I first began scrapbooking there were so many rules and "required" items that I actually gave it up for awhile. Thank you for empowering people to be creative. I can't wait to see more!