Sunday, August 31, 2014

there she went, pink and bouncing

This is Ruby Sky, last summer. She chased that big pink ball with such dedication, across the yard and back. Enthusiastic the whole way.

I originally made this page in July, during the Cocoa Daisy Open House crop. It was for a challenge to use triangles and circles on a layout, neither of which I am very good at using. I thought the triangles and circles would work well with the energy and subject matter of the photos. So, I tried. And after I had the whole page photographed, and put away, I realized that I had forgotten the circles. Oh well. There she went, with only triangles and no circles. ;)

I do love these little KI acrylic embellishments! Super cute! All the pieces on this page are from my Cocoa Daisy stash.

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Oh, my heart.