Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 girls picnic

This is another picture from last summer... I've been slowly working my way through my photos from 2013. I'll never be caught up, but I'm enjoying having almost a whole year scrapped. I think even if the only photos I were to ever scrap were all from last year, that would be a pretty nice thing. I mean, if you could look back at the moments your mom valued from a year of your family's life when you were a child, wouldn't that be great? Or perhaps if you could look at what your grandmother's life had been like for a year? Wow. 

The key here, for me, is not to get overwhelmed. I'm not thinking of this as "the year I scrapbook". It's not a huge project. I'm truly scrapping one photo at a time. One photo. That's do-able.

I love this page because I feel like it's very me... I made the background, and most of the embellishments are from Things That Shine. 

Here I used the aqua tulle from the Spring Showers kit, plus bits from the Pop of Neon Yellow mini embellishment pack. This little Pop of Colour kit worked out so well for this page... I knew I wanted some bright, unexpected colour to contrast against the navy and gold, so I looked through my Pop of Colour rainbow and decided on neon yellow. Easy-peasy!

I love these little neon yellow enamel triangles. So cute.

Gold glitter + gold/white lace pattern = awesomeness.

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M said...

Fabulous layout Ashley!!!!

Emily Adams said...

I haven't seen those little triangles before. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful and interesting layout! I love the background and your Things That Shine green gem and tiny triangles!!! :) Evie

Sylvie said...

This is just so lovely. I adore the journaling poem!!