Tuesday, September 09, 2014

pastel and paintbrushes

Last summer I made my own DIY chalk paint (cornstarch+water+food colouring, see the recipe here) and the girls had such a blast! It was definitely the hit of the summer last year. The photos I have aren't great (pregnancy+hot sunny days = not good) but that's OK... they can't all be perfect, right?

While working on this page I kept thinking it needed something pale... and green... and chalky near the top of the page. When I finally figured out what was needed and found the right shade, I realized that it was almost a perfect match for the green chalk paint in the photo! Too funny!

I made a gold card with a heard cut out, and added splatters of pink watercolour behind the open heart.

This label is all scuffy, bent and torn, and was only supposed to be a placeholder until I found something better, but in the end I thought it was kind of perfect just the way it was. I added a patterned heart epoxy sticker (from Things That Shine) to the top and stapled a long piece of thread in place. 

The bottom of the layout is so simple... two strips of paper sewn in place, plus an arrangement of small embellishments. These pieces are all little bits from my Things That Shine embellishment kits... a star from my die cut packs, a red vellum diploma seal from the Pop of Red set, the vintage book page mixed media bow was salvaged from the kit packaging (Things That Shine kits come with a little surprise in the packaging!), and silver raindrops.

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Anonymous said...

I love all those bits and pieces at the bottom, esp. what you did with the raindrops! Your new die cut pack looks awesome!! :) Evie

Lisa Dickinson said...

omg - must try this chalk paint! i love the possibilities! :)