Friday, October 09, 2015

Eerie and Enchanted... Hallowe'en Things That Shine!

Hello everyone!
I am super, SUPER excited to introduce my limited edition Hallowe'en kits from Things That Shine... this embellishment kit is called Eerie and Enchanted!

Doesn't this look like what a witch's crafting table might be like? Just a tiny bit spooky. :)

Here is the whole kit... lots of great bits and pieces! 6x6 papers, and a 6x6 exclusive spiderweb cut paper, too!

Each kit also comes with a free cut file, for more Hallowe'eny goodness!

For more photos... of kids, cats, coffee cups and scraps...  and daily peeks at my desk and my life... follow me on Instagram.


Tracy said...

Such a great kit.
I love the spider web cut out!!!!

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