Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Quilting: 2015 Finish-A-Long with Adrienne at On The Windy Side

I've been quilting again, lately. I started a few years ago.. then took a break, and now am enjoying it again. Or mostly I'm enjoying buying fabric and looking at other people's quilts. Quite a few of which I've Pinned.

I'm joining in with the 2015 Finish-A-Long with Adrienne at On The Windy Side, to try to keep me motivated and on schedule with all of the quilting projects I'm planning! Because I WANT TO MAKE ALL THE QUILTS! :)

Here are my proposed projects:

1. This Way, Thatta Way quilt in blue and green.
This one is a complete quilt top. I need to figure out the backing (one pattern in blue, vs piecing leftovers together?) and I am going to bind it in grey.

2. Nine patch dash in mustard yellow/citron and white, based on these nine patch dash squares by Tickle and Hide.
I've pulled a few of my own fabrics:

3. Hope Valley Half Square Triangle. Like this one.
My fabric:
I sewed up this small tester block, and now I'm not sure if I want to make smaller HST like in this block, or larger ones like in the DS In This Corner pattern. Hmm.

4. Orange and pink half square triangle. Like this one.
I will probably use patterned fabric instead of solids:

5. I also want to make this modified bowtie in pink and orange, using similar fabrics (or the same!) as the pulled ones shown above.

I have two three different black and white quilts I'd love to make.. but I'm picturing both using almost solid black fabrics, and I only have low volume black and white fabs right now.

6. Black kitty quilt. Like this one.

7. Black and white plus sign. I like the size of the smaller black plus signs on the white background like in this bedspread.

7a. A black, white, and grey pinwheel quilt like this one would probably work very well with the fabrics I have now.

8. Arithmetic quilt in low volume. I love the colourway of this warm coloured quilt with a few bright accents, but have very few fabrics in my stash right now that would achieve this look. I also love this cool tones plus sign quilt, so that is an option, too.

9. Citron, grey, and white log cabin. I have no idea why, but I love love love this quilt. I can't decide if I want to copy it as directly as possible (I need to find/buy the right shade of yellowy mustard green) or use patterned mustard/citron fabrics in place of the solid. Hmm.

10. I love the interplay of colour and gradient effect of this Starry Migration quilt. The free pattern is available here! I probably wouldn't use the same colours and I don't think I'm ready to tackle this type of project yet... but it's a quilt I keep looking at, over and over again.

11. Wonky stars in navy, pink, and maybe other colours too.
I sewed up this block just to try it out, and love love love it. I think it would be nice to mix in some low volume backgrounds with a few bolder backgrounds like this one.

12. Assorted nine patch sampler. I've been practicing making blocks by randomly making nine patches that I like. They are simple, but I'm working on my piecing skills and enjoying feeling like I've accomplished something without the pressure of making an entire quilt.

13. This bold geometric diamond throw in navy blue and white is just so fun!! I don't have any solid dark blue right now, and I'm not sure it would work well with patterned fabric.

14. Flying farfalle with Dream On and white. I've been thinking about this one for a long time. It would sort of look like this vintage yellow and white quilt, but the little yellow bits would be in Dream On. But now that I've pulled the fabric, I think that this pattern wouldn't convey the full awesomeness of Dream On. Maybe a string quilt like this pillow made of vintage sheets, or a simple patchwork with some solids, or a cool varied wonky star quilt would be better choices. Hmm.

15. A gingham patterned quilt. I love the simple boldness of this blue/grey quilt, but also love the bright cheery and slightly random effect of the red and white quilt in the middle  here.

16. Red and aqua plus sign quilt. This quilt was THE quilt that made me think, "I have to quilt". I should probably make this some day. :) My mom gave me solid red, aqua, and white Kona a few years ago, so I could make this pretty girl.
My fabrics... though now looking at my inspiration quilt I see that it has very few different fabrics in it, mostly red and solid red and just a tiny bit of aqua. I love the red and white gingham and I don't  have any, so maybe need that before starting.

17. Fair ribbon quilt. Oh my, this quilt is sort of totally amazing. Also, sort of probably way beyond my skill set. But that's OK -- a girl can dream and plan for the longterm, right?

18. Courthouse steps. I love the bold colour choices in this WIP by Wooden Spoon -- she has the most amazing abilities to pair fabrics.

19. A bold quilt I love. Again, I'm not in the realm of being able to actually make this, but I keep going back to it... love it.

20. Rosy Windows. I love the way Fresh Lemon Quilts used darker and lighter pinks on this quilt.. and the little squares in assorted colours. Such a fun quilt.

I could probably make a huge gigantic list, and I don't expect I will complete most of these here already, so probably best to just cut it off here! :)

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

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Freddie said...

Love your fabric choices.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, so much delightfulness....a veritable feast for the eyes and imagination ;) I'm currently trying to finish a quilt made from my daughter's baby clothing....completely freestyle...it's at the stage where it's looking 'crazy' and totally looking like it's not going to come together in to anything cool at all, leading me to desperation thinking I've massacred all her baby clothes with nothing to show for it....I *will* push on, nonetheless, and see it through to the end! Fingers crossed it will turn out fine ;)

dutchcomfort said...

That’s an ambitious list! Lovely projects and fabrics. Good luck with finishing!

SarahZ said...

Haha! it is already a "huge gigantic list"!!! I love every single one of your to do quilts, and I would like to own ALL your fabrics!Can't wait to see all your finished quilts...it looks to me like you will have a super fun first quarter!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!! Loving all the fresh colors and patterns. :) Evie