Thursday, February 05, 2015

Easy Valentine's Day gift jar with washi!

If you are crafty, and a mama, chances are you have a huge stockpile of baby food jars, like I do! I love using them for storage, but they are also great for tiny gifts! Decorated with some washi tape, these wee jars make great gifting vessels. 

Here I filled a large baby food jar with pink swirly cream cheese mints, tied the top with a muslin round, and added some easy punched gold washi dots! So simple, and so cute. :) 

I also added a handcut washi heart to make it a little extra Valentine-y!

Cut punch or cut out washi tape shapes, tear a piece of washi tape and place it on waxed paper. Now you can punch out shapes, peel them off easily, and place them wherever you like! :)

Check out our assortment of Valentine's washi tape to make your own washi gift jars.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty! :) Evie