Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sunday Stash

Here's a recent addition to my quilting stash... this was a sort of Christmas present to myself. :)

I'm sort of in love with greys and blacks and neutrals, so tried to add several to my stash since I have almost none. I think I was successful. :)

I think these are going to add so many awesome low volume opportunities to future quilt blocks!

Is this not a stack of pure happiness?

Also love blue... and aqua/mint.

These two dark blues I bought with the intention of trying them out as possible quilt backs for my This Way, Thatta Way quilt top. I love the checked SO MUCH more than I thought I would! The online image doesn't convey that the medium toned squares are actually made up of small checks, too. The busy pattern on the right I thought was going to be my favourite but in person I'm not so much a fan... 

How cute are these???? I am so in love with cute quilt fabrics. So wonderful. SO CUTE.

This is not the kind of colourway I would usually ever come up with, but I rather liked something about these together...

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Laura said...

Loving those bicycles! x