Sunday, March 15, 2015

Calvinball Week 2: March 9 - 15

Calvinball, continues.
I did lots of scrapping this week, but unfortunately didn't actually finish a page. I am very slow, and resistant to paper commitment. ;)
My layouts in progress are piling up!

Calvinball points earned this week:
1. Being an international participant = 1 point
2. Change scrappy points on Calvinball message board to bold red = 1 point
3. Leave comments on 10 Calvinball layouts (190 layouts) = 19 points
4. Participate in a live webinar = 1 point
5. Leave comments on 5 Calvinball blogs (90 blogs) = 18 points
6. Blogged about Calvinball = 1 point
7. Instagrammed about Calvinball = 1 point
8. Tweeted about Calvinball = 1 point
9. Binge watch an entire TV series (Silicon Valley) = 1 point
10. House cleaning during Calvinball - 1 point
11. Rearrange scrap space = 1 point
12. Attend the GIS March crop = 1 point
13. Share Calvinball on Pinterest = 1 point
14. Purging supplies =  1 point
15. Printing photos =  1 point
16. Go a whole week without buying something new = 1 point
17. I actually cropped during the GIS March crop = 1 point

Total scrappy points Week 2 = ZERO!!! :( (I do have TWENTY pages in progress, though!!)
Total Calvinball points Week 2 = 52

Aaaaaand, total Calvinball points to date:
Total scrappy points to date = 5
Total Calvinball points to date = 93
(See Week 1 totals here)

I was inspired by the Calvinball rule to use St. Patrick's Day motifs on a page to create some clover and luck themed cut files (coming soon!). The sunny weather and melting snow here has also made me ready for GREEN! So I sorted through my stash and rearranged my desk to make room for some green scrappy supplies. 

It's been a while since I've got glittery, so the gold glitter came down from the shelf!

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doris sander said...

wow! you have been a busy girl! that must feel good! now finish a page or two so we can see!

crimsoncat05 said...

oh my gosh, you have a big stash of gold glitter!! I do love how it looks on your pages, but I seem to get glitter everywhere when I use it, so I avoid it most of the time.