Monday, March 30, 2015

Irish soda bread

This layout was made completely and entirely thanks to Calvinball. I had this photo of the Irish soda bread I made for St. Patrick's Day dinner last year. One of the Calvinball rules was to use a St. Patrick's Day motif on your page, and well.. I started thinking, and then this happened:

Yes. Clovers, and gold, and clovers, and green, and even a pipecleaner rainbow. ;) 
I used a cut file I made with four-leafed clovers as a stencil and spray painted gold paint clovers onto mint striped patterned paper. This was a technique I've wanted to try for a while, and I spent an afternoon cutting stencils and spray painting, so I have a stack of papers to use. :) 

The tiny bit of mint misting is hard to see in the photo, but I love the effect in person. It had been a long while since I'd misted/splattered on my pages, but all of the great splatters that I keep seeing in the Calvinball gallery inspired me to give it a try again. Love it. :) 

This little heart is a mini version of my doily heart cut file, with a spray painted gold clover laid over top. I dug into my hoarded button stash to find a good one to set the centre of this little embellishment.

This emerald green ribbon is a vintage piece from my hoarded stash.. that I confess, I never really thought was my colour and wasn't sure I'd ever use. It was kept as a "just in case" piece. Well, hoarding pays off and it felt awesome to get this old crinkly ribbon on a page. :) 

The pipe cleaners came from my kids' craft cupboard. I was earning a Calvinball point by cleaning it out, and thought these pipe cleaners were a great fit for some St. Patrick's Day pages or crafts. The white cloud stickers from one of my Things That Shine kits are my favourite.

Calvinball points (included in Week 3)

Layout = 1 point
St. Patrick's Day motifs = 1 point
Stencil challenge = 1 point
Use a cut out element = 1 point
Try a new technique = 1 point
Use a typewriter = 1 point
Use a map on a page = 1 point
Use hoarded product = 1 point
Use patterned paper only (no cs) = 1 point

Total points = 9

Retroactive points
Use hoarded stash (buttons) = 1 point
Inspired by GIS members/Calvinball layouts = 1 point

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doris sander said...

so delightful! and now i must try spray paint on a page!