Tuesday, March 24, 2015

it was her very own new room

This is a page about Ruby Sky, the first day she stayed in her new room... the day after her little sister was born. ;) This page was also completed, thanks to Calvinball

I love these white fabric Thickers! They are meant to be misted, but I can't resist using them plain and as-is.

The background is a piece of white cardstock I painted with gesso, and did some book page transfer on. Then I laid a piece of cardstock left over after I cut out some mini versions of my paper heart doily cut files.  I love the mix of polka dot PL cards, and the painted leaves. 

Journalling on my script typewriter!

Calvinball points:
Layout = 1 point
Use a typewriter = 1 point
Use a cut out element = 1 point

Retroactive points:
Use glitter = 1 point
Use PL card on a layout = 1 point
Use pre-2010 product on a page = 1 point

Total layout points = 3

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