Monday, March 23, 2015

ut ut

This was a page that I worked on for a long time... it was never quite right, and I still tahink it's not quite right! I actually posted it during my own Office Hours at Get It Scrapped, and the members at the live webinar/chat had some great ideas: to add some pink under the journalling card on the right, and possibly add some colour to the title. I need to make these changes still and update!

This page is about Evie Grey, just right about at Christmas time, when she learned to ask to sit up on a chair. It was the sweetest thing.. she'd say "ut! ut!" and I'd hoist her up on a chair beside me, and she'd hold my hand and pat pat pat me, and smile, until she got down and wanted up again. :) 

I tried many different alphas for the title but the ones I kept coming back to were these plain white mistable fabric Thickers. Right before Calvinball started I found a package of gold star embellishments intended for Christmas, in a random box in my stash. I thought they were pretty and would be great on a non-Christmas page.. and then someone added a Calvinball rule of using Christmas product on a non-Christmas page. It was like it was meant to be! 

I like all of the layers showing at the bottom of this page. :)  The strip with her name and the date on it is actually a piece of washi tape on a scrap of paper. I brushed a little white paint over it to soften the bright blue. 

These hearts were cut using my heart doily cut file. I backed two with washi tape (this extra wide floral and this pink scallop washi). The third one I covered in chunky gold glitter, using Mod Podge. 

Hearts! Washi! Gold Glitter!

Calvinball points
Layout = 1 point
Use new product (fabric) bought in 2015 = 1 point
Use old unopened product = 1 point
Use IG post as journalling = 1 point
Handwritten journalling = 1 point
Use Christmas product on non-Christmas page = 1 point

Retroactive points:
Use PL card on a layout = 1 point
Use a cut out = 1 point
Use glitter = 1 point

Total layout points = 6 points

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Jill said...

This is absolutely heartwarming...and scrappily delicious.