Wednesday, March 18, 2015

wordy Wednesday: journalling catch-up

I struggle with journalling. It's always the hardest part of any page for me. And because of this, I  have a gigantic stack of layouts piled up on my typewriter, at any point in time, just waiting for the right words. Part of this problem, is that the right words don't come by waiting.

So, I'm making today Wordy Wednesday. If you have journalling to catch up on, take a few minutes today and find the right words!

Is there one aspect of journalling you continually struggle with?
For me, it's just figuring out WHAT I want to say. Once I have that part figured out, saying it isn't so hard.

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doris sander said...

hey! hope you get bunches done so we can see them soon! :)

Susanne said...

Yes, that can sometimes be the hardest part for me too. Most of my favorite pages come from my having already told the story on my blog, so then I can just concentrate on making a pretty page. I hope you were able to finish them up.