Sunday, May 10, 2015

Colour inspiration for your next layout

 How do you pick colours for your scrapbook layouts? Do you flip through your products until something pops out?

I almost always pick out colours based on the pictures I'm using, and what kind of mood/feel I want to convey, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut! When colouring with my little daughters, I've been appreciating the wonderful hues of these super cute crayons. I love seeing the different combinations that three or four or five crayons can make!

I think the next time I need to change up my stuck-in-a-rut colours, I'm going to grab a handful of crayons and see what combinations I can come up with!

Where is your most favourite place to find new colour combos?
Do you ever find inspiration at home?

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Cindy said...

I use my photos or paper collections for color choices. I would love to see more collections using primary colors or bright nonmuted colors.