Saturday, May 30, 2015

May in my garden

It's May, my favourite month for the garden. Everything is still alive and full of promise. :)

A dark purple iris. One of my faves. :)

Pretty frilly pinks.

A light blue-y purple iris.

Small assorted pinks

I love how there are dark and light versions of this pink growing together.

This is the closest thing to a peony I've had in my garden in years. When we moved, our peony bushes did not do very well. They've made a few pathetic buds but have yet to ever open. I'm hoping this one is going to make it this year. :)

Dark pink thrift flower.

Sweet william.

White iris! My fave!!! I have four or five of these at the front of the garden right now.

Wild phlox, a garden volunteer.

This funny shade of purple iris has a touch of brown and dark gold in it.

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Anonymous said...

My Grandad's irises were his treasure (he had at least 100, if not more, varieties in his garden, and I was, as a girl, always in awe of the beauty of them...[my daughter is named in honour of his treasures].....loved your post....the beautiful photos took me right back to May in his garden...thank you!