Saturday, October 03, 2015

Blog More in October: Your inspiration

Ok, inspiration. We all need it, we all love it, we all use it, we all lose it. 

And, what is inspiration, anyway? That magic spark that inspires and drives and gets use revved up to make -- whether that making is dinner, pictures, paintings, or pages. I'm sure we all know that inspiration can take many forms. Here are a few of my fave ways to be inspired:

1. Quilts, quilting, and quilting fabrics. Quilters combine colours and patterns, each in their own unique way, and often quite differently than in the scrapbooking world. Not only does the surface design in quilting inspire me, but the longevity and tactile nature of actual quilts does, too. 

Sometimes when I scrapbook, I take inspiration from colourways I've found in my fabric stash, or sometimes design ideas from quilt blocks or stitching, and sometimes I just want to make a page that's as homey and cozy as a broken-in vintage quilt.

Some of my quilt-inspired pages: hey girl, cool; nin-nin; chili when it's chilly.

2. Parties and pretty paper things. I love a party, and all of the niceties that go along with it. You may even recall me saying right here on this very blog that I like to make my pages feel like a party -- and by that I mean, the excitement and happy energy of a party, and also the look and feel of a room all decked out with streamers and confetti and garlands.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to parties, and frequently scroll through it for uplifting ideas when I'm bored or stuck.

Sometimes I use party inspiration quite literally -- like adding confetti, garlands, or paper rosettes or fans. Sometimes s I go with colour inspiration, or just aim to make a page that feels like a fun, happy place, likre in these pages: she did it, and, Addie Blue and the serious art of being a princess.

3. By collections of stuff, especially paper. I love the natural, shuffled, cobbled assemblage of paper and bits and pieces collected over time. There's something deeply satisfying about seeing the way unrelated items meld together in a collection-- the interplay of old and new, the uniting ability of a single colour. I try to recreate the feeling of paper collected over time, either in the layers I add under photos, or in the bits and pieces I make for layouts and mini albums. 

This mini album, dance real graceful, has an example of the collected feeling I try to achieve. 
Other examples of this technique can be seen here: she has a lightness, return to Kienuka, when she was 8.

What are your fave ways to be inspired?

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