Tuesday, June 14, 2016

hexagon baby quilt pattern and specifications

Here are some pattern details for this diamond baby quilt.
Finish size: approx 33" x 48 inches

To make this quilt, I used an equilateral triangle quilt ruler and cut out half hexagon shapes from 3 1/4" strips of fabric. I used 28 strips of fabric in total, and used around 22-24 different fabrics for this quilt.

To construct this quilt I used:
- 50 full hexagons (100 half hexagons cut)
- 8 half hexagons for the left and right sides (cut from scraps)
- 10  half hexagons for the top and bottom (20 pieces total, cut from scraps)

To sew this together, I laid the entire thing out on my dining room table. I'm sure there's an easier way, but I didn't plan well, and ended up drawing a 1/4" seam line on each angled piece of each half hexagon (the top and bottom, if you're looking at the quilt the way it's displayed above), and used these  pencil markings to line up the pieces accurately. Otherwise, the half hexagons didn't line up accurately along the left and right sides. 

Once the top was sewn together, I used the same tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts that I used to finish my neutral diamond baby quilt.

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