Monday, June 06, 2016

neutral diamonds baby quilt finish

It's done! And gifted! And, I believe, loved. :)

I made this diamond baby quilt for my co-worker Sarah who is expecting  her first baby later this summer. After nearly spoiling the surprise one Friday afternoon when she asked, "what are you doing this weekend?" -- when my only plans were to finish this quilt (plus another quilt for our other expectant co-worker), I stuttered, and stammered and my jaw hung open as I tried very hard not to blurt out "finishing baby quilts!". 

I learned a LOT of lessons while making this quilt. Primarily, that spray starch would have been useful, and triangle pieces need to be cut and sewn VERY exactly. 

This washed up with a bit of crinkle that was so lovely, I might have fondled this for a good day before gifting. 

When I was nearly finished this baby quilt, I found out that Sarah had decided to paint the baby's room grey.. and her mom was making a quilt in grey, mint, and aqua! Fortunately, we both agree that this quilt will fit right in with her plans.

I was super thrilled when my mom tracked down this organic molecule fabric -- what could be better for the baby of scientists, than a science-backed quilt? :)

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Liz Suarez said...

Love this quilt so very much!! My own kids are into different branches of science. They're little still (5 and 6) but they're turning out to be very much like their momma. Just curious in general about how all kinds of things work and relate to each other. I'd love to know where that molecule fabric is from. Google didn't turn up any good results for me.