I am Ashley Calder.

I am mama to three FOUR lovely girls, who are truly sweet and brilliant and cute.

I am a partner to Paul, who brings me coffee.

I am petter to two THREE cats, G-man and Delilah, who are orange and terribly lazy and terribly bad. And Huffy Puffy kitten-cat, who is not orange, terribly energetic, and terribly bad. and getting lazier.

I am was a scientist to cells I made grow and glow.
Now I make cells flow.

I am a gardener to now-dead flowers.

I am a baker to cupcakes, iced and eaten.

I am a decorator to parties thrown and partied.

I am an author.

I am a photographer who just gets lucky sometimes.

I am trying to be a thing that shines.

I am available at ashley.calder@gmail.com

Original. November 19th, 2013. September 6th, 2015.

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